Hylax HT6000 series of CO2 lasers have an all metal sealed tube design and proprietary manufacturing process to ensure high gas purity, essential for long operating life. It is economically priced, low utility cost and ideally suited for use in industrial manufacturing applications.


  • Excellent marking quality and high reliability
  • High Speed marking
  • Optional Air-cooled and water cooled
  • Low utility cost and maintenance
  • Window based user interface software
  • Long operating life > 45,000 hours


  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Trimming
  • Drilling


  • Plastics
  • FR4 PCB
  • Electronics component
  • Polymer
  • Transparent compound
  • Wood
  • Ceramic

See also http://www.hylax.com/power-feedback-system/

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