Hylax Technology has expertise in designing and building wafer marking system for semicon industry packaged with material handler. This includes wafer level chip scale package type handling. Some customers require combination handler able to process both wafer on blue tape in a ring and components on ceramic substrate plates.

The material is transfer to the machine in magazines. The wafers are transferred from the magazine into the work chuck. At the chuck the wafer is held by stretch down method for blue tape or by vacuum suction for substrate. For handler servicing both types of packaging the chuck design is cater to handle for both types automatically.

The wafer may be retrieved and then returned to the same magazine and same slot or to a new magazine. Reject slots are included to segregate them to be removed by operator separately. Multi-magazines is an option to allow the machine to run for a longer period before needing operator intervention. Also hot swopping can be designed in. Each slot is checked and empty slots are skipped. Special steps are designed on the elevator bases to easily load and unload the magazines and yet lock them in position securely.

The push/pull mechanism is by using a pinching clamp. The clamp in open position align itself to the front edge of the wafer ring or substrate in the magazine. Then it clamps onto the edge surface and drag the product out onto the chuck. Multiple types of checks and actions are used during the process to ensure a fail safe transfer. This is made possible by the high speed program running in the PC controller.

The chuck rest on XY stages to move different portion of the wafer into the marking field. An extremely fine pitch Z stage is included to ensure at each marking portion the wafer surface coincides with the laser spot focus to ensure the narrowest line width is achieved. This focussing is done automatically using Cognex vision library autofocus finding function.

All the modules are combined together into one compact machine. The active modules of the machine rest on an anti-vibration platform to ensure stable operation for both the vision camera capture and for the laser marking. The enclosure is designed to protect operator from laser radiation with safety front window for monitoring the process.

Great care is taken to design the best and simplest possible transfer mechanism for long term reliability. Every component selected have been  tested through the years in previous machines. Hylax place great importance on long term machine reliability besides high throughput, optimum performance and cost effectiveness.

More details – http://www.hylax.com/wafer-laser-mark/

During product handling in laser processing there is often need to mark different sides of the product. An accurate, fast and durable mechanism is required to perform this function by rotating the product in an automated station.

High speed product rotator

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