This is a portable laser cleaning equipment complete with a fiber laser source delivering high pulses of laser power using MOPA technology. The high peak high frequency pulses are able to remove surface layers and contaminants from metal or hard materials. The characteristics of the beam allows the laser to remove the surface coating without harming the base material. Parameters like power, frequency and speed can be tuned to enable the equipment to achieve good results in different types of applications such as stripping paint, removal of iron rust, sheet metal welding, metal surface processing and coating peeling. The machine software has a feature to perform laser marking as well.

The laser source and controller are housed in a rugged sealed box for optimum protection against tough environment and rough usage. The laser beam is delivered through an armor cable to the cleaning head. The head contains a set of mirrors to scan the beam and a focusing lens to impact the light onto the work surface. Anti-reflection optics are included to prevent damage to the laser source. It comes with a red pointer for visible targeting purpose. The complete equipment is air-cooled, self contained, portable and mobile. This equipment can be powered by 100-240VAC power supply.

The product is available with a range of laser power from 100W to 300W. Besides this all-in-one model we can also provide the bare laser sources up to 2kW for OEMs to integrate with their machines. Established communication interfaces and protocols are provided for easy and effective control of the laser by the external world.

CL100 100W laser cleaning equipment


  • No chemical involved – environmental friendly
  • Laser can work for long duration without servicing
  • Able to work in dirty and tough environment
  • Clean and simple process
  • Fast processing speed
  • Excellent result
  • Cost effective


JPT portable laser cleaner

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