Industrial Laser Equipment Solution Provider

Hylax Technology develops laser equipment for pcb laser depaneling, precision laser marking, semicon laser marking, wafer laser marking, laser trimming on flat panel display, laser welding, pico second UV laser applications and many others. We integrate lasers from many OEMs, design our own optics beam delivery subsystem and package with material handling and vision imaging system into standard equipment for customers. We have many ingenious and sophisticated solutions to assist manufacturers to enhance and improve their process capabilities.

The long history of Hylax has enable us to manufacture many machines installed around the world in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Russia and USA. Our machines are proven to work reliably for decades requiring only minimal maintenance which can be performed by inhouse personnel with guidance from our technical staff.

We have build an impressive laboratory filled with many kind of lasers to do sample testing on even the most difficult samples to prove the concept before customers place their orders. We are all ready to try out your application today and can also devise new and better method to meet your process needs. Pls contact us today!

Hylax proprietary scanvision

PCB depaneling closely follow required shape
Laser welding of plastic components

Semicon wafer marking
Seven marking heads on glass

Laser polishing
Laser welding

Copper leadframe matrix drilling
Wire insulation stripping

Stent hole drilling
Laser trim with post verification

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