HT6000 Series CO2 Laser Marking and Drilling System with PFS™ (Power Feedback)

CO2 lasers are widely used in many industrial manufacturing applications. Some of the features of CO2 lasers include:

  • Long operating life > 45,000 hours
  • Low utility and maintenance cost

One of the detrimental characteristic of CO2 lasers is their pulse to pulse energy fluctuation over longer interval. This instability depends on both internal factors like gas purity and external temperature. This fluctuation affects the marking result but is usually not an issue in common marking. However for applications requiring very small spot size of less than 100 um or process on sensitive materials like glass, this instability can pose a big challenge.

Hylax PFS™ series of CO2 laser resolves this issue by introducing a real-time laser power output monitoring feedback system into the standard CO2 laser system. The PFS™ effectively monitors the laser output continuously and stabilizes the output pulse to achieve a more consistent pulse-to-pulse stability, enhancing the CO2 laser’s marking performance.

CO2 Laser with power feedback enhanced stability
Schematic of how the power feedback function works

Application Highlights

2D matrix on flex

Data Matrix Marking On Flex Circuit

For marking of very small data matrix (<=1mm height) on flex circuits, inconsistency of the cell size is very apparent and by integrating the PFS™ into this application, the dots become very consistent.

Polymer Drilling

By employing the PFS™ in drilling the special polymer material, holes with consistent size and depth are achieved.

Dot Marking on Glass

The PFS™ can also be employed in glass marking to reduce commonly faced problems such as uneven dots and micro cracks resulting from the inherent instability of CO2 lasers. With this feature very consistent and regular dots can be marked on glass using a melting method to reduce micro cracks generation.

Sapphire Crystal Wafer Marking

The PFS™ can also be used to mark dot fonts on transparent sapphire crystal wafer to achieve consistent dot size without micro cracks.

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